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MIMOtech's Ultra High Capacity Product Family MIMOtech released the StarBurst Janus product in 2013 as the first of a new range of line of sight (LOS) MIMO Ultra High Capacity Backhaul products. The StarBurst Janus combines patented line of sight MIMO, spatial multiplexing and software definable radio techniques to bring a new approach to ultra high capacity backhaul.

The Janus is available in a number of operational configurations depending on the network operator spectrum licensing requirements:

Mode Channel Pairs (go/return) Required Max BW Max Throughput
2x2 MIMO TDD 1 56 MHz 560 Mbps
2x2 MIMO FDD 1 56 MHz 700 Mbps
2+0 FDD 2 56 MHz 1400 Mbps
4x4 MIMO FDD 1 56 MHz 1400 Mbps

The Janus is initially released for the 23 GHz licensed and 24 GHz unlicensed bands with up to a 4x4 MIMO capability. Further releases will bring additional frequencies, higher order MIMO options and increased spectral efficiencies.

Janus Product Highlights

  • Operating Modes:

    • 2x2 MIMO with TDD and FDD operating mode

    • 2+0 FDD ultra high capacity

    • 4x4 MIMO FDD

  • Ultra High Capacity Ethernet Payload (up to 1 Gbps)

  • High Spectral Efficiency (up to 16 bps/Hz with 256 QAM for 2x2 MIMO)

  • Software definable radio allows pre- and post-deployment transport flexibility of capacity and applications.

  • SNMP Management and web interface

Data Sheet:

StarBurst Janus