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MIMOtech Pty (Ltd) is a technology company with branches in South Africa, Canada, UK and China. MIMOtech's business is to innovate, develop and market high efficiency wireless telecommunications transport equipment for backhaul, front-haul and fiber extension markets using microwave and millimeterwave (mmWave) technologies.

We have shipped the high capacity Janus AirDuplex™ product to various customers around the globe. With best in class spectral efficiency of 27 bits per second per Hz, this new technology provides up to 750 Megabit per second throughput in 28 MHz channels typically available below 42 GHz or up to 1.5 Gigabit per second throughput for 56 MHz channels.

Our solutions are distributed through key customer partners to a global end-customer base consisting of network operators, Internet Service Providers, government departments and medium to large enterprises.